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by Garry, Sunday, March 13, 2011, 10:40 (3406 days ago) @ ellie.d

I got mine in Phoenix at the Consulate it costs a few dollars more but saves you the time once you enter Mexico. When your husband gets his FM3 you can get the permit for your car at the the consulate as well. One the website I sent you you can print a copy of Articulo 106 which refers to the law regarding the legality of your Foreign plated car. I keep a copy in Espanol and English in my glove comparment. The police here in Zihuatanejo
set up road blocks in town and stop cars with no license plate on the front or non Mexican plated cars.
You keep the same sticker but it has a date on it which they will say it is expired but the law states as long as your FM3 is valid the sticker/sello is valid.

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