Right or Wrong...

by kayakdude, Monday, March 21, 2011, 15:38 (4075 days ago) @ suztamasopo

I've driven a zillion times in and out of here to SF or to NYC over the past 15 years. Every trip has an adventure and there are invariably incidents which involved law enforcement and the potential to exchange money for forward progress against infractions both real and imagined.
What I have determined is that (a) its far better to dawdle along and get there when you get there, especially inside the zona fronterawhere all the Federales del Camino hang out, lurking for "espeeding" turistas... rather than give in to the "horse-smells -the-corral" headlong flight to the nearest stateside Burger and Budweiser Emporium...and
(b) the better your Spanish is and the more willing you are to play the game the easier it is to slide out of the ones that you really ARE guilty of for 50-200 pesos or so... the ones that are imagined are laughably easy to duck with a little indignation and a slight detour to the local station. Usually the policia with the wild imagination will drive a few blocks and then peel off to disappear: you're too much trouble at that point. Costs you a little time, (which you have the most of when you think about it) and you'd be surprised what pops up along the way to the cop shop by way of "roadside attraction" that you might return to examine at closer range when you're off the hook....the point being is that it doesn't often get that far. This I know and I am a pretty law-abiding guy out on the road...Been there, done that, have a few t shirts to prove it and there's never any guarantee that even if you NEVER do ANYTHING wrong on the road that at some point you are gonna get played, so get used to it.;-)

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