interesting adventure in la ropa and las gatas

by Laura ⌂ @, Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 21:30 (3889 days ago) @ Sharkboy

When Avi told me about this I felt disgusted and enraged. This kid represents the best in the young generation of locals trying hard to protect his home and make a good life in the healthiest way. Though he was born and raised in La Barra this was the very first time he ventured out to Zihuatanejo on a day of 'vacation' with his girlfriend. The fact that he or anyone like him could meet with this kind of treatment is unconscionable and should not go without consequences for those responsible. At least the owner of this hotel should extend a personal apology to Avi with an offer of several days free at the hotel for him and his family. This together with a promise to correct this illegal discriminatory policy immediately might be enough to be an exceptable alternative to a boycott.

It was clearly illegal to pressure him to leave Federal Zone. Knowing the recent history of this particular beach I doubt very much it was simply the act of a lone waiter looking for a tip. Much more likely this represents a clear policy of the hotels there trying to keep the beach clean of 'poor locals' from the view of their high paying mostly foreign guests. Avi said that there were a lot of people inside the place and they all looked American and Canadian to him.

Avi was too embarrassed in front of his girlfriend to even think to ask the name of the hotel. I on the other hand, feeling like a very angry aunt ready to go for the juglar, have asked him to go back to find this out. I suspect a lot of people on this board will want to react to this offense of a young local person well respected and loved on this board for good reason. As soon as I find out what hotel it was, I'll post it along with an open letter to the owner.

By the way, by contrast, Avi spoke very highly of his treatment by the people of Las Gatas. Bravo! They still possess the spirit of Zihuatanejo.

Hasta pronto,
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