Paying it forward..

by Harry, Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 22:25 (3899 days ago) @ Laura

I suspect a lot of people on this board will want to react to this offense of a young local person well respected and loved on this board for good reason. As soon as I find out what hotel it was, I'll post it along with an open letter to the owner.

Yes Please do.

Years ago while vacationing in the Eastern Beaches of Havana I saw a pair of plain clothed police stop a couple of Cubanos, ID'd them, them, then roust them them off the beach where they were not permitted to walk or potentially mingle with the foreigners. I thought to myself:

"Is is what they fought a people's revolution for?"

It disgusted me, along with the completely preferential treatment that we received as turistos and for our "hard currency," enjoying privileges that the locals could not.

I would hope that after a 10 year revolution and 2 million lives lost, that Mexico could offer its people at least that much equality. As a foreigner, I shouldn't have to go and help our friend defend his own constitutional and human rights, but in this case, I would be honoured to have a chance to make some kind of an effort in this regard. Perhaps it might be best if we don't mention Avi specifically when seeking redress, and that might not be completely helpful. A few well translated letters sent to the right corners might do a lot, though, and not just for the someone we know.


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