Emergency animal treatment

by Leemr @, Sunday, August 06, 2017, 19:48 (413 days ago)

I'd like to know what and where is emergency animal care available, if at all.
I have a number of adopted street dogs and anytime we have an emergency ( that is, life-threatening), it always comes up on a weekend or after business hours
weekdays. I'm currently in a bad situation, but all I can do is watch the suffering and wait for Monday. ABSOLUTELY B.S.---thanks

Emergency animal treatment

by Sandy feet, Seattle, Sunday, August 06, 2017, 20:16 (413 days ago) @ Leemr

Try these.

Dr. Campos / Zihuatanejo
554 4465
Cel: 755 556 2331

Dr. Arizmendi / Ixtapa
553 1324
755 115 0936
104 0543

Good luck.

Numbers found on Rob's info pages.

Emergency animal treatment

by Susan G @, Zihua/La Ropa, Sunday, August 06, 2017, 20:47 (413 days ago) @ Sandy feet

Our Vet makes house calls 24/7. His clinic, "Huellas," is on Morelos, #15 (near Cinco de Mayo).


Salvador Sanchez Gasparrillo
Clinic 755-125-7178
Cell 755-115-6489

We highly recommend him and his assistants.

Susan and Ramon


Emergency animal treatment

by Talley Ho @, Sunday, August 06, 2017, 22:42 (413 days ago) @ Leemr

Good luck to you.

We have worked with Dr. Campos in the past, and called him at home for emergency services.

We have also had (no longer, no crisis) the contact for the wonderful group on the plaza for emergencies.

Please pursue both when you DON'T have an emergency, to get things in place.

Thanks for caring about the critters.