Esophageal Cancer

by Sydney @, Zihuatanejo Mexico, Tuesday, October 10, 2017, 18:06 (285 days ago)

For those of you who don't know, Roy has esophageal cancer. He is very sick and no longer able to work on our casa. We are now trying to raise funds to finish our house and hopefully Roy will be able to spend a little time in the house he has worked so hard to create for the last 3 years.
In addition to our Go Fund Me campaign we are also excepting donations through our PayPal account So many of you have followed the progress on our Casa page and I hope you will be able to help us. Please share this information with your family and friends. Thank you in advance for your support. Sydney and Roy
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Esophageal Cancer Please help

by Sydney @, Zihuatanejo Mexico, Thursday, October 12, 2017, 00:45 (284 days ago) @ Sydney
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For those of you who think you don't know Roy, many of you have seen him every morning while you are on your walk up and down the 'Road to Nowhere' That road leads to my house. Roy is the guy with the white/grey hair in the white ford truck. He always waves and most of you wave back.


Esophageal Cancer

by CountryDancer @, Vancouver, Washington, Thursday, October 12, 2017, 23:26 (283 days ago) @ Sydney

So sorry to hear of Roy's cancer.

My hubby has undergone multiple Radio Frequency Ablation treatments on his esophagus, trying to stave off cancer.

Last treatment (we thought was the last), but they found 2 more areas to biopsy, one is "Low grade displasia" the other is "High grade displasia".

Frustrating, but it's helpful knowing the doctor is making sure he gets everything.

Sending prayers for you both.

~ ~ Country Dancer

Esophageal Cancer

by Sydney @, Zihuatanejo Mexico, Friday, October 13, 2017, 10:22 (282 days ago) @ CountryDancer

CountryDancer, thank you for your reply. I wish your husband all the luck with his battle. Esophageal cancer is very aggressive and treatments are not fun. Roy just finished his first round of chemo, 5 days, and 3 of those days were 24 hours a day going into his port. Today is the first day he feels good. We have to travel to Acapulco for treatments and will be there for 5 straight weeks for radiation treatments. Do you live in Zihua full time?
Thank you again for reaching out. It means a lot.