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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 11:28 (345 days ago)

Most locals were surprised to hear their old school was being torn down. The decision to do so was apparently taken without much thought and little consultation, only because some teachers and parents protested for it last week. I suspect it was a political decision by the mayor seeking to add to his collection of votes rather than a technical decision, because as I said, the building appears better built and in better condition than the palacio municipal. I attended several schools whose buildings were over a hundred years old. With proper maintenance there's no reason this building couldn't have been used another decade or three.

Oh, and surprise surprise! Another 17 or so of the municipal police who had been locked up first in Acapulco and later moved to Oaxaca were released after allegedly proving their innocence. The local authorities said they were unaware of their release until hearing about it on national news. I'm sure they can't wait to get back on the job in Zihuatanejo. ;-) Bet they made lots of new friends and learned some new tricks in prison. Oh boy, we're gonna be in great hands now!

And as you all can imagine, the bass player for Xpresión Inmune, Luis Ángel Quintana Saucedo, and his girlfriend, Ilse Elizabeth Ramírez Reyes, who were wrongly arrested and falsely accused with no evidence against them are still in prison. They were originally in the same prison in Acapulco where earlier this year there was a bloody riot and Luis was severely wounded, but I understand that they have been separated and Luis was moved to a prison in Oaxaca while his girlfriend Ilse is now in a prison in Morelos. Rumor has it they have become "official scapegoats" with criminals paying officials to keep them there. Since there is no evidence against them because they are innocent and since our local mayor miraculously got his nephew almost immediately released whose apartment they rented and who was arrested with them, I tend to believe the rumor.

My media naranja and I treated ourselves to a well deserved dinner at Rufo's Grill last evening. MMMM mmmm MM MM mmmm! ¡DELICIOSO TODO! Rufo's remains one of our very favorite places for many reasons, including the warm and courteous service, the exquisitely delicious fare that is always served in just the right portions and cooked to perfection, the prices are more than reasonable, the unintrusive music is just right, and when we were first married we lived on the property next door for several years, so that part of La Madera always feels like home to us. We can't thank Rufo and his staff enough for another terrific dining experience!

Here are some of the white flowers that the students of the Vicente Guerrero school tossed at their old school while Mariachi Los Torcazos de Zihuatanejo played Las Golondrinas (a traditional song for despedidas).

While the newspaper kiosk has been in our zócalo for decades and decades, this portable restaurant, or port-a-restaurant as I like to call it, only appeared during the current municipal administration, as have so many other ambulantes and invasions of public spaces. So gee, if these folks can have their port-a-restaurant at the zócalo then why should any of us bother having established businesses with all their associated costs? I think I should be able to put a port-a-boutique there for my wife, and how about a port-a-bar and a port-a-prostibulo? The possibilities are endless!

This morning at the pier. ¡Hola chihuahuas!

A fisherman and a morning beach bather.


by katherine @, Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 15:33 (345 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Rufo's is just around the corner from us and is one of our favorites also. Sad news about the reasons for the school being demolished, and also confirms what I already suspected. Then I got to the part about those two innocent young people and their current situation, and I was overwhelmed with sorrow. Outrage also, but mostly sorrow. Some days this world is just too much. Don't get me wrong, I do appreciate your updates. Sometimes the truth just hurts.