Dogs entering Mexico

by Ballarose ⌂ @, Ontario, Canada, Sunday, November 05, 2017, 19:38 (402 days ago)

Just a heads up to anyone travelling with their furry companions. Rules came into effect in January. Our fault for not checking but we had quite the delay at the airport. They did eventually let Miss Roxy in. Must of been those puppy dog eyes.

From another site:

“New Enforcement of Regulation re: Bringing Dogs into Mexico via Air

PRIOR to arrival, your dog must have be treated against internal and external parasites by a licensed veterinarian and the products used must be reflected on the health certificate.

Dogs must also have been treated for ticks shortly prior to entering the country. ”


Dogs entering Mexico

by Talley Ho @, Sunday, November 05, 2017, 21:29 (402 days ago) @ Ballarose

We crossed this morning at Nogales with our two dogs and cat, and as is normal for Nogales, they pretended they were invisible!

When I fill out the health certificates for my pets, I have always included the statement: This/These animals are free of internal and external parasites.

I had read about the requirement a number of years ago, so make a point of including the statement on the forms.

Dogs entering Mexico

by zihuadreamer @, Monday, November 06, 2017, 09:03 (401 days ago) @ Talley Ho

I entered Mexico the day this law went into effect in January, I left my passport at the airport, went to a local Vet and got the necessary paperwork. This was after I threw a little fit at the airport, it's always something with our pets in Zihua.

I wrote to my Vet in the States to give her a heads up for other travelers, she wasn't notified by the Mexican authorities till late February.