Sunset Concert Jan 24 to Benefit Zihua's Humane Society

by Susan G @, Zihua/La Ropa, Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 20:27 (301 days ago)
edited by Susan G, Tuesday, December 26, 2017, 21:12

Join us for a:

Night of Bohemia
Starring singer Jossy Gallegos & guitarist Carlos Uribe
Perform for the animals of Zihuatanejo
6 p.m., Wednesday, Jan. 24
at the Chapel of Cerro del Vigia
Donation $500 pesos

Includes appetizers from Quattro Cycle Restaurant, 2 glasses of wine, raffle prizes

Directions: At the south end of Playa la Ropa, go up the hill to Cerro Del Vigia. From there, transport personnel will further direct you to the chapel, one of the highest locations in Zihua.

Information & tickets:
Casa la Marina/SPAZ (Sociedad Protectora de Animales de Zihuatanejo): 755-554-2373
Quattro Restaurant: 755-554-1641


Sunset Concert Jan 24

by Susan G @, Zihua/La Ropa, Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 03:01 (300 days ago) @ Susan G



No tickets yet......

by Talley Ho @, Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 15:45 (300 days ago) @ Susan G

We are just back from dropping everything and rushing to Cuattro Cycles to buy our tickets, and they aren't printed yet! They did take our name and said they would call when they were available.
This is an event we don't want to miss!!!!!!!

No tickets yet......

by Lola Zihua, Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 19:11 (300 days ago) @ Talley Ho

Would love to go! Hoping they will still have tickets when we arrive in two weeks. Do you know if these events sell out fast?


No tickets yet......

by Talley Ho @, Wednesday, December 27, 2017, 19:45 (300 days ago) @ Lola Zihua

They normally sell out VERY quickly! That's why we dashed to town today to buy ours.

They have always been amazing events at amazing venues for an amazing group!


We got tickets!!!

by Talley Ho @, Friday, December 29, 2017, 11:45 (298 days ago) @ Susan G

Just back from Quattro Cycles where we bought ticket numbers 1-8 of the 30 they had. If that's any indication, there are a maximum of 50 tickets (now 42) available, so move fast!!!!