Day Three.......Ah!! Busy

by Labrat ⌂ @, The Roosterfish Foundation, Saturday, March 03, 2018, 23:19 (18 days ago)

After breakfast to the March of The Pangas , some of our usual Lazyness, we headed to the beach only to find not a Palapa that was not filled! We had one open up shortly and decended like Vultures on Carrion.

Between a Wedidng and the bus Ins the hotel filled up last night. Good to see all of the staff with that busy smile!!

Dinner at Potofino again this evening, while the Wedding Party dances themselves out.
(We are 9-9:30 eaters to begin with, so reservations are not a difficulty for us usually)
Portofino. Has the Goat Cheese and Rocotta Raviloi that I just can't pass up!!!

So all in all, a mirror of yeaterday.
Which is NOT a bad thing people!!!

Pleasant Dreams!!


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