Sweet Zih In The Morning!

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, July 20, 2018, 10:43 (275 days ago)

Another night of perfect sleeping weather, and amazingly even the noisy bars either turned it down a notch or closed early because we weren't kept awake until 3 in the morning as we have been recently, though we did try to report them around midnight but the police weren't answering any of their phone numbers. Oh well.

Who I felt sorry for last night were the captive dolphins in Ixtapa where thousands of screaming tourists and local kids went to listen to a pop music festival on the beach right in front of the tanks where the dolphins already suffer their existence. The music will be there again tonight in case the poor dolphins weren't stressed out enough last night with their acute hearing and then having to spend all day forced to swim with tourists. Poor dolphins! What a cruel "attraction".

Speaking of cruel, a poor crocodile was captured in the mouth of La Bocana canal yesterday afternoon because it scared some tourists. This time of year when noisy tourists are everywhere the crocs are just looking for a tranquil place to hang out, but each time they are handled by humans it teaches them that we are a collective threat and makes them more dangerous, causing the very situation the people who move them believe they are trying to avoid. Goodness what a stupid species we are! We just can't seem to be able to do the right thing by posting signs, making folks aware of their presence and alerting them to the 3 BASIC RULES every Floridian knows:
(1) Don't feed them.
(2) Respect their space.
(3) Don't harass them.

I'll have to post the photos of my wife helping rescue a spotted leopard ray tomorrow. Such a beautiful creature but it had a fishing hook in one of its wings and the fishing line was tangled up in some rocks and it was trapped on the small beach we call Playa Lerdo de Tejada. What a woman i'm married to! ¡Mi sirena dorada! :dance:

What a lovely morning for a stroll along the waterfront. The fishermen's market was doing a brisk business.

Lots of pelicans were hanging out near the fishermen's area this morning waiting for unused bait fish and other scraps.