Don Parilla restaurant - formerly Mariscos Michigan

by Diana B @, Sunday, January 06, 2019, 17:09 (105 days ago)

Does anyone have info about Don Parilla? The place used to be Michigan seafood restaurant. It is on the one-way street (intersection with Megacable) just off Ave. Morelos as you come into el centro. I found a phone number 544-8517 but when I call there are just 3 beeps and call ends.

?Alguien sabe algo sobre Don Parilla - el restaurante que anteriormente fue Mariscos Michigan? Esta en la calle esquina de Megacable. Llamé muchas veces pero nadie contestó al 544-8517 - creo que no esta funcionando el telefono.


Don Parilla restaurant - formerly Mariscos Michigan

by Helene @, Zih, Sunday, January 06, 2019, 17:32 (105 days ago) @ Diana B

We have eaten there 2 times and thought it was okay. I had a steak last time and it was fine. Not great but fine. They start you off with a small drink of soup and then you get a tortilla with beans. Good sauces and salsas. Very cute place but the chairs are low for the tables. They specialize in meat but my daughter has always had shrimp there and she loved it. Good service. I would try it again.