Tropicaliciously Zih

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Tuesday, May 07, 2019, 12:04 (386 days ago)

Little by little the smokiness increases as does the heat during the day. Surprisingly the cool ocean temps are keeping our evenings exceptionally refreshing for sleeping with windows open (as always) and the fan on LOW. I expect the ocean to change any day now and send a warmer current our way along with a buildup of humidity that gets fairly uncomfortable for most folks until "the fever breaks" and the rains arrive. Our hurricane season officially begins on May 15.

Downtown Zihuatanejo somehow has avoided the worst of the smoke that is visible in our skies, and at night we can smell it, but it still hasn't reached the asphyxiating levels that we've sometimes seen during past years.

Our slow and lazy pace of life has returned now that we basically have Zihuatanejo all to ourselves again, at least during the weekdays. We see our friends more often and are able to spend more leisurely time enjoying our paradise than during the busier months.

On the refurbished walkway some of the plants are thriving while others are dying from lack of water, but it doesn't look like any were stolen during the holidays. And the ropes are still intact.

One of the last views from the end of the pier.


Lupita expressing her heartbreak at the pier last evening after one of the little buildings and about half the benches had all been torn down. When the pier was brand new and Lupita was around only 4 years old she and her friends would jump in the water from the first landing platform and swim to the beach over and over, which at that time seemed like a kilometer away for her.

The view from La Boquita Canal this morning. You can see some of the work done on the pier.