Tour to the Copper Canyon

by Jennifer Bjarnason ⌂ @, Patzcuaro, Sunday, July 14, 2019, 22:00 (193 days ago)

Greetings Zihuatanejo!

Arturo and Jennifer had ample feedback from our original tour post for a 16 night trip to the Copper Canyon. For most folks, it seemed the cost was too high - so we have reorganized our tour, cut one night off and changed some of the accommodations to lower the budget by $15,000 Pesos per person. Please note - meals are not included in the price, save breakfast and dinner when we are at the Wilderness Lodge.

We have simplified our tour format, so if you have any questions or would like more information, please email me at!

We truly hope some of you will join us in November. For those of you who are heading down round this time of year, this could be a great way to start your winter in Mexico!


Jennifer & Arturo