by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Friday, February 07, 2020, 13:21 (56 days ago)

Brrrr! Got nipper again last night. Had to sleep under a sheet and pull it all the way up! Even had to turn the floor fan away a bit so as not to blow on us directly. But it sure as hell beats cold floors, frozen weather and using layers of clothing.

Our morning strolls along the waterfront are something we cherish. It's good to see all the folks out getting their morning exercise along the waterfront. There was a time when my wife was the only person in Zihuatanejo who was known for doing her morning exercises on the beach. Now we greet many friends each morning and sometimes and get detained in delicious conversations. One of our favorite people to run into is our dear old friend Don Rubén, "El Hígado".

Don Rubén is one of Zihuatanejo's de facto historians because he was born here a good many years ago (actually in Agua de Correa if I recall correctly, Zihuatanejo's original colonial settlement) and he remembers almost everything. You may see him early in the mornings strolling the waterfront. He used to be a popular and frequent guest on the local morning radio program "Zona Libre" with Sergio Vázquez Rosas.

Lupita con Don Rubén Martínez Elisea alias el Hígado. ¡Cuánta personalidad en esta foto!

They've hauled most of the escombros away from the pier and I understand work will begin soon on the piso. Look at my sweetie's loooong daybreak shadow. Amazing how bright even the first sunlight is at this latitude.