Trip home report

by Elena S @, Tacoma WA USA, Friday, March 20, 2020, 10:15 (17 days ago)

After an amazing Guitarfest week and seeing tons of friends, too much time on my phone keeping up with the corona news, and a trip to remember we headed home Thursday at our regular scheduled time. For the anxious I’ll share my travel observations.
The airport in Zihuatanejo was busy with departing guests, but everything seemed to be going quite smooth. At the far end of security two guys from the Red Cross check your temperature at your forehead with a thermometer that never touches your flesh. They also have a humongous bottle of hand sanitizer from which they will pump a splat into your hands if you request. The airport is in the midst of remodeling, but everything was open. The bathrooms still have attendants so remember your pesos. I pre-tipped so I could wash hands without handling money after. We flew out on an almost full Alaska flight. It had arrived with a pretty empty plane.
Flying into Los Angeles it was strange to look down at the highways and see an image of the 1950s “highways of the future”. The cars seemed to be practicing social distancing and all was flowing smoothly, except for one car sideways with the adjacent flashing blue lights and a backup just around the collector distributor lanes. The secondary roads were almost empty and this at evening rush hour.
Arrival at LAX the Global Entry kiosk is a landing pad for the fingertips of travelers from all over the world! The official waved us through almost as if he wanted to say “keep moving, no breathing on me or my desk, just go!” Just after his desk there’s a Purell dispenser to cleanse those fingertips.
Our connection to Seattle-Tacoma was only a third filled so we were glad they didn’t cancel and consolidate passengers onto a later flight.
We seem to be well stocked at home for two weeks of social isolation and the spring flowers are blooming.
Stay safe and healthy and hope to see y’all on Playa la Ropa, Madera y in el Centro next winter.
Tell the people that you love that you love them!
I love you Zihua!