PedaZIHto de Amor

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As of last evening Zihuatanejo registered a total of 327 confirmed Covid-19 cases since counting began. 190 of those have recovered, while 45 of those died from the virus. There are currently 46 confirmed active cases.

While the economy lumbers back to life, more and more people are acting responsibly and demanding that others do also, especially visitors. Refusing to wear a mask means refusal of service in responsible local businesses. Transporte público is currently where there seems to be a problem as users without masks become annoyed when asked to wear one. But peer pressure continues being our best method until the local government decides that fining people is worth their effort.

For folks who may feel uncomfortable in an urban setting because of the stubbornness of some folks to be respectful of others by wearing a mask and practicing social distancing, there are alternatives, including the beautiful nature lovers' and surfers' paradise of Troncones where the entire community is involved in practicing proper safety measures. People are starting to return there and it is a huge help to the community. Please consider making your reservations and sending your deposit now for your fall or winter vacation. The deposits go a long way to helping local lodging operators to pay their employees and to be better prepared to receive guests. Please deal directly with the lodging providers instead of third party sources. The lodging providers and their employees will appreciate the extra money.

Directory of Vacation Rentals in Troncones

Swimmers enjoying the beach on a cloudy morning at Playa La Madera.

PedaZIHto de Amor

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I love sones de Veracruz. Gracias!


PedaZIHto de Amor

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