Adios Amigo Lorenzo Marbut

by ladybug @, Barra de Potosi, Thursday, October 01, 2020, 20:05 (28 days ago)

It is with heavy hearts we announce the passing of our dear friend Lorenzo Marbut last night. He passed peacefully in his sleep. He came to Zihuatanejo and fell in love with the children and their big brown eyes. At the request of the Bellack's became the administrator of Por Los Ninos and devoted many years to improving impoverished schools.
Lorenzo was an avid reader of nearly everything in print. The library at Centenario de la Revolucion Primary bears his name.
His ashes will be laid to rest at the Plantel Bachilleres High School in Zihua, a project Lorenzo was so proud of.
His legacy will live on with the many students who benefitted from a better education as a result of his work with Por Los Ninos del Municipio de Zihua. Lorenzo will be missed!

Adios Amigo Lorenzo Marbut

by connie, Thursday, October 01, 2020, 21:50 (28 days ago) @ ladybug

He was an exceptional human being. I first met him at a Board Party at Daniel's in February 2002, when we were all still reeling from Sept. 11. Each year since then, it was always a joy to see him again, doing so much for the kids of Zihua through his work with Sailfest and more.

My favorite Lorenzo story happened a few years ago when Sailfest was having an event at El Pueblito. After buying a rosary from a local village girl that had made it, I was sharing a smoke with Lorenzo and said, "I've never bought a rosary in my life, not being Catholic, but my dear mother-in-law is and I bought if for her". His immediate response was, "Insurance"!!!! I think he has that kind of "insurance" now!!!!!!