Future resident looking for info

by SolarGar, Monday, October 26, 2020, 14:13 (37 days ago)

Good afternoon, my wife is from Zihuatenjo. We currently live in the US but it's her dream to retire back near her home. Could someone please give me some advice as an american making that kind of big move? I am in the solar panel business here in the states, is there a lot of solar going on down there? Can someone please lead me in the direction of someone down there in that line of work that is from the US as well?
Any other info anyone would like to share in general would be very much appreciated.

Future resident looking for info

by Susan G @, Zihua/La Ropa, Monday, October 26, 2020, 15:22 (37 days ago) @ SolarGar

I'm a gringa married to a Mexican in 1988 but lived in Tucson, AZ, 1991-2015. We traveled down the west coast for 30+ years looking for our retirement place. Zihua won hands down so we sold our house and built here 5 years ago.

The Mexican consulate in Tucson arranged for duty-free movement of our household goods across the border (we paid trasport) and a resident visa for me. Next year, I'll apply for citizenship, then we'll both be dual citizens.

Zihua has several solar panel companies (we'd have a solar roof but our assoc rules it must not be seen from the road.) Any other questions, enable your email and we can chat.