Soriana Mega Shoppers.....

by Pacific Princess, West, Friday, November 13, 2020, 18:00 (19 days ago)

..... is there a Telcel (first stop to re-load our phones) and next door - the GNC Nutritional Supplement Store near check outs still there??

Anyone recommend a local (independent retailer) for quality vitamins and supplements in Z?

Last question, are the senior folks back bagging the groceries? (:2c: )

Many thanks,

☀️ Princess


Soriana Mega Shoppers.....

by Talley Ho @, Playa la Ropa, Friday, November 13, 2020, 18:44 (19 days ago) @ Pacific Princess

Yes, Yes, and No.

Unfortunately, our opinion is that we won't see the seniors again.

Vitamins/supplements are a problem. We have been here full time for three years now, and have issues finding affordable Vitamin C. We actively solicit the occasional friend that is coming down to bring us a kilo, and we have it delivered to them. We will be running out soon and will be, unless things change, buying our 1,000 mg Vitamin C tablets at GNC. The price is outrageous, but we won't go without. Such is the cost of paradise, and it's the only thing. Want to bring us some???

All of the other supplements we have been able to find at Similares by doing our homework. As an example, our two large weimaraners were taking exactly the same dose of glucosamine that we were, 1,000 mg of glucosamine sulfate. We got low, so we are finishing the US capsules, and they are taking 500mg gel caps from Similares. OMG!!! Karma will be 10 on Tuesday and she has turned into a total monster since we changed her in July! Fiesty, vocal, and running and swimming much harder than before. We are looking forward to changing to the gel caps ourselves.

We can get dog vitamins here and the cost is more, but we need them.

It comes down to shopping and experimenting.