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by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Sunday, January 10, 2021, 21:03 (15 days ago)


As of today, since April 18, 2020 Zihuatanejo has registered a cumulative total of 1,644 confirmed cases of Covid-19 (6 more than yesterday), 132 that have resulted in fatalities, 11 that are currently active, and approximately 1,393 that have recovered. There's a little more of that "spike". La Unión (the municipio where Troncones is) currently has only one active case while Petatlán (where Barra de Potosí and La Barrita are) currently has zero. Even if the active cases were triple the official number, we'd still appear to be doing pretty well. Maybe it's something in the water.

The vaccination process in Guerrero will begin this coming Tuesday targeting medical personnel. The gobernador estimates that process should be finished by February 1st, then I believe the focus will shift to folks 65 and over.

Okay, it got a bit warm today if you were out in the sun. The sun is extremely intense at this time of year since we are so close to it. Nothing a cool refreshment couldn't handle, but the humidity is back up closer to my personal comfort zone. Nights are still good for cuddling. ;-)

If you feel up to it, come back to LIFE with us and warm your bones in our tropical paradise. New lower rates are getting posted on the websites of many local lodgings. Have a look-see, and if you find something that jiggles your Jell-O please consider sending a deposit as soon as possible. Lots of lodgings are barely hanging in there with so few visitors this year and last.
Hotels, Inns & B&Bs in Zihuatanejo-Ixtapa, Troncones & Barra de Potosí

Easy social distancing on Zihuatanejo's Playa Principal.

Calentarse FáZIHlmente

by Fuceneh @, Sunday, January 10, 2021, 21:27 (15 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Thanks for the update Rob and what a beautiful picture compared to what I am seeing outside my living room window. My body is needing some natural vitamin D. Not cold and snow, but will not be there again until I get the vaccine.

Calentarse FáZIHlmente

by doboinCanada @, Monday, January 11, 2021, 11:48 (14 days ago) @ ZihuaRob

Thanks, Rob, for your updates, wonderful music choices, and the photos which transport us from grey skies to sunny Zihuatanejo. We look forward to our return.