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Zihuatanejo reports 37 currently active cases of Covid-19, still higher than the state average. It seems like almost everyone we see is continuing to wear a facemask, including the foreigners currently here. But we still have a lot of people to get vaccinated. Unfortunately last week only about a third of the young people expected showed up to get vaccinated. And this week there's been some confusion over the location. The process sure seemed to run more efficiently when our friend Leticia Rodriguez was the coordinator, but since her inexplicable cessation from her duties it simply hasn't gone anywhere near as smoothly.

Imagine living where the weather is damn near perfect every day and every day feels like the best day of your life. That's me every day for over 32 years now. Am I lucky or what? B-)

Got cool enough last night to sleep under a sheet, but it was also warm enough before bedtime that no hot water was needed to shower. Perfect weather! I don't know how we stand it.

The city continues sprucing everything up along the routes where the Gober Precioso is expected to travel this Friday. Look for his helicopter to kick up dust landing at the Navy base Friday morning. Amazing how politicians here are treated like royalty and what is done to prepare for them to pass by wherever they visit even though they pay little to no attention to their surroundings.

It'll be whale watching season soon, and if you've never been out on the water and seen them breach and spout nearby, I highly recommend chartering a panga or taking an excursion on the Picante.
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¡Cuidemos nuestro patrimonio!

A woman with a bucket of fish on her head stops to chat and see what other fishermen caught.

EmoZIHones Tropicales

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Great music as always. Thought you might make an exception to your Latino music and pay tribute to George Frayne, aka Commander Cody, on his recent death.


EmoZIHones Tropicales - fe de errata

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The Gober Precioso will be in downtown Zihuatanejo tonight, which is why workers spent half the night washing the downtown streets with high-pressure hoses and lots of sweepers.