by Paulcbk, Monday, October 04, 2021, 00:05 (18 days ago)

Ok, first post and. Plug for Zihuatanejo,
Canadian border opened fo international flight’s September 8, I arrived here in Zihua September 10, here is my take on what I have seen/heard, my perspective!

People wear mask’s, the majority, most people I have met have both shots, but still wear masks. This is out doors, I understand and follow their lead. But honestly when I walk from Madera to La Ropa and back in the the morning I don’t wear one until I meet more people.

I have traveled south to San Geronimo last weekend return via bus, they’re clean people wear masks and are respectful of space. Even in the small village where I stayed people wear masks. I went to Patzcuaro this weekend the same.

This whole trip was not without a whole lot of thought and fear but at some point we have to get out of the bubble. I came alone, and I am alone, there are not many gringos around. I have found out we are all gringos, don’t matter if we came from Canada. People were very cautious around me when I first arrived, and why not. It has become less so with the people I know but I am very much the visible minority and not complaining.

I came her to fish, that was my excuse, only so many September's left in my biological clock. Reality I missed not being here, back in one of my lives I was a fishing guide, I met a lady then that gave me a perspective that I never put to words. “fishing happens in beautiful places”, In my life Zihua is one of those places.

It is worth the boat ride to leave the pier at 7 am and go south out of the bay and watch the sun rise out of the Sierra Madres above Playa Larga. Catching a fish does not matter it is the bonus. In the morning there is so much to see, it is a passion of mine and I won’t dwell on it.

Reason I have posted this is for those of us that want to get back to some what of a normal life, Zihuatanejo is the same. Yes the walkway has claimed a lot of beach, spent lot of money and I know some people are not happy. End of the day it provided work for local people that may have not been available. What I have never seen in my past times her is the amount of local people out for a evening walk, great to see. Maybe the next governor will have a vision of closing Calle Juan N Alvarez to vehicle’s and make it pedestrian only. Anyways it is getting late I have to meet Adlofo at 7 am.

When I traveled here I wore N-95 mask from the timeI left Vancouver until I arrived in Zihua, my Amigo wore one when he picked me up at the airport. For those that are not sure about coming here, treat it as where you live. Rent a place and call it home, treat it that way, best way to control your life. In my mind All inclusive are not much different than cruise ships. (my plug for Zihuatanejo)

so yes there are risk's but as I have said above, choose your risk tolerance, for my friends at home, I think they sent me as the sacrificial lamb, they will be here in November.



by Sandy feet @, Seattle, Monday, October 04, 2021, 00:44 (18 days ago) @ Paulcbk

Great post. Thank you! :vivamexico:


by Gregorio M. @, J, Monday, October 04, 2021, 09:56 (17 days ago) @ Paulcbk




by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, October 04, 2021, 12:28 (17 days ago) @ Paulcbk

Muchas gracias for that excellent and informative trip report. A wonderful eye-opener for hesitant travelers.

Yes, anyone that looks like a gringo will be categorized as one, regardless of their nationality or origin. Just like all oriental-looking people are considered chinos. It isn't racism or prejudice, only oversimplification.

I agree 100% that most folks here seem to be trying hard to stop the spread of the virus. Their efforts are to be commended.

You did the right thing removing your facemask during your walks when no one was around. Only when in close proximity to others do we wear ours, and that is all the health safety protocols ask of us.

Un saludo.


by Little Guy, Monday, October 04, 2021, 18:21 (17 days ago) @ Paulcbk

My father was an avid fisher. He told me that, “Allah does not deduct from a man’s allotted time on earth, those hours spent fishing.”

I wish my father had spent more time fishing. More than 25 years later, I still miss him.



by haunruh ⌂ @, White Rock, BC, Canada, Monday, October 04, 2021, 21:39 (17 days ago) @ Paulcbk

Thanks for your post. We're planning coming there in January and have also been somewhat apprehensive, so your message is very encouraging indeed!! Looking forward to also getting out of our "bubble" and again visiting our favorite place in the sun.


by wisconsinjuan @, Wednesday, October 06, 2021, 11:58 (15 days ago) @ haunruh

So, how's the fishing? I hope to get down for a week sometime next month to get the boat ready for the rest of winter.


by Marieange @, Kelowna BC Canada, Wednesday, October 06, 2021, 18:13 (15 days ago) @ Paulcbk

Great messaging. I too will be leaving the Okanagan shortly to come back to Zihua for the winter. Pick and choose your bubble and all will be fine. My brother in law who is a pilot recommends the N95 for flying, surgical masks otherwise for outdoors when distancing is not possible. Great to hear they are compliant with mask wearing. Counting the days to my arrival.