Madrugada FresqueZIHta

by ZihuaRob ⌂ @, Zihuatanejo, México, Monday, January 17, 2022, 21:46 (127 days ago)


Guerrero's health authorities report there are currently 335 active cases of Covid-19 in Zihuatanejo, 4 in La Unión and 1 in Petatlán. Still no word on boosters for 60+. Very disappointing. Some folks think we're expected to go to Petatlán. No no no.

Things have slowed down considerably since the peak season. Zihuatanejo has gone back to its nice slow pace of life. Now if only we could get past this damn pandemic. Life here remains a bit in limbo as we wait to see what happens next, and not everyone has been able to get through the mental stress. A local musician whom we know was stopped from taking his life today before he could jump off the bridge by the bus station. Depression is a terrible disease.

The sprinkle we got downtown wasn't enough to even water the plants or clean the sidewalks, but apparently it rained hard in other places. Good for them. But it did make for cool temps last night, officially reported at 20°C, enough to make snuggling with my sweetie under the sheet quite comfy.

We're doing our best to come back to life after being closed down for so long, but we can't do it without your help. The Christmas crowd wasn't much help to the downtown merchants. Zihuatanejo's shop owners (including Lupita's) need your business.
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