Margo Chipman

by samtenjoan, Tuesday, May 03, 2022, 20:18 (20 days ago)


I am am old friend of Margo's but have not seen or had contact with her for years. Please give her my sympathy for the loss of Lulu - what a loss! Please tell her I will do compassion practice fo her and Lulu.

Also, I am in Tepoztlan, and wish to come down to Zihua around the 15th of this month. I am looking for a very quiet, secluded studio near the La Ropa beach to rent for 2 weeks and wondered if she still has her studio available to rent. If not, can she or you make any recommendations.

I can be reached at my email or WhatsApp, 845-300-8309.

Thank you for relaying my message to her. Of course, it would be lovely to see Margo when I am in Z!


Joan Whitacre