Trip Report Week 1

by Zihuateco @, Friday, May 13, 2022, 21:08 (10 days ago)

You can feel the change in weather “humidity” each day.

The muellle was packed on Saturday with live band, dancing and chelas. Enjoyed our go to Sirenitas at La Sierna Gorda. Went to Generals to watch the Canelo fight. Good to see the Plaza and restaurants packed.

Sunday breakfast at Margaritas where we are never disappointed. Soriana run, then some pool time. Monday morning at INS to clarify a couple of matters and schedule final appointment. Back to Margaritas for breakfast and Tupperware for to go - their chicharon guisado is the bomb!

Asadero Julios Thursday and Friday for early lunch. Fantastic meals and great conversation con Lilia at Asadero Julio. Soriana, Coppel and pool became our routine through Friday.

Beautiful trees, plants and flowers in the Paseo Golondrinas neighborhood. Peaceful quiet neighborhood watching golfers from the pool. Absolutely incredible birds in the neighborhood and the occasional iguana. Birds of all sizes, colors and sound. You have no choice but to accept the Gritos of the chachalacas.

Each year there is a greater appreciation of running into old friends recalling Los anos, laughter and realization of how quick 29 years have passed and the growth of Zihua, Coacoyul y Peta.

I don’t need to arm wrestle anyone who shares this wonderful platform Rob provides to acknowledge that the beautiful weather, incredible meals, sunsets/sunrise are secondary to the experience of the genuine warmth of the wonderful residents who welcome us and want us to feel en casa.

Gracias Zankas por hacemos sentir como en casa.