PresenZIHando de la Vida Marina

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Health officials in Guerrero report 5 currently active cases of Covid-19 registered in Zihuatanejo, 6 in Petatlán, 314 in the entire state.

Tropical Storm Celia provided us with some fairly gusty winds and a light rain while she sat off our coast Wednesday evening. The winds died down in the late evening but the rain continued until after sunrise. Amazing that once again wet sand blew all over the Paseo, waterfront plazas and even into the street. The temps cooled considerably, enough to snuggle under the sheets. No heat wave here! The port remained closed again today, but should be open this Friday. A mar de fondo effect is also being reported for the coast of Guerrero all the way to Acapulco, so expect some beach erosion.

Oddly enough I saw a group of 3 young women arrive to the beach while it was sprinkling this morning, and one went swimming. She was enjoying herself so much I didn't have the heart to point out how polluted the water was from the overnight rain and that swimming wasn't a good idea. It didn't smell bad, but it looked a bit muddy. Hopefully she bathed with soap afterwards, didn't swallow any water and cleaned her ears well.

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The first turtle tracks on Playa Principal that I've seen this month. Whether the eggs were rescued or stolen is a mystery.

PresenZIHando de la Vida Marina

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