Trip report 12/12-12/19

by Janet/ATW, Wednesday, January 05, 2011, 05:58 (3342 days ago)

Trip report 12/12-12/19

Arrived in Zihua on 12/12, we just made it out of MKE with a Blizzard bearing down on Appleton, WI. Thank goodness Continental was flying.

We had a wonderful cab ride to Villa Vera in a new cab with A/C (“2010 model” our cab driver very proudly told us).

We like staying at Villa Vera, it is very nice, quiet and within walking distance of town. It is small, so over the week you develop a connection with other guests and the staff.

First night dinner at Los Galeana, wonderful snapper (both whole fish and fillet), then off to the Flophouse just to see what was going on. No music, but there’s a promise of live music later in the week. Also made a stop at the bakery for morning Pan treats. We believe the attending lady recognized us. She was so patient as we try to figure out the cost in pesos.

Monday spent hanging around the pool, then off to Commercial to get water, yogurt (the best), flan and bakery. Monday night dinner was at Agave on Nichols Bravo, it was great and really a fun place to sit and watch the people on the street below. Waiter spoke good English and was willing to talk about happenings at Zih. Off again to Flophouse for live music. Never did find out the good musician’s name, but we sat with his friendly wife from Flin Flon, Canada, where my husband has been fishing. Also had my trip’s first Mojito (excellent) made from the mint plant growing 10 feet away! It was a nice way to end the evening.

Tuesday, this was the day we spent with Will (huntermx) What a great day! We enjoyed the ride to the waterfalls and hiking around the property. Ok, the water was cold even for us good Wisconsinites but it was fun to see all the different butterflies and fauna. Lunch was the best, I was starving. In our walk back through the village, a young lady offered to sell me some stitching she had done, I’m now kicking myself for not buying both of her pieces. Overall a very enjoyable day and I would highly recommend trying to book a tour with Will. I wish him and the gentlemen who owns the land all of the success in the world (yes Will, we will send you the picture of the two of you). On the drive back Will showed us some good places to eat. For dinner we went to Don Memo’s, the food was great and cheap. Two gentlemen came in with multiple instruments, set up and played some music for the whole place, that was nice.

Wednesday we started out intending to go to Las Gatas. But after our regular stop for breakfast at Bananas (ate there three times), we ended up walking around town for the day and went back to the hotel for pool sitting time. It was surprised to see all the changes to town. We’ve been coming to Zih for about 10 years. Zih needs to be very careful not to loose its charm. Dinner was at Lety’s, excellent as always. Back to the Flophouse to see Don Scott and Jesus perform, both were very good and we were able to score more mojitos. The Flophouse is a great place to finish the evening. Every one is very friendly.

Thursday off to Las Gatas, Sat at Otilla’s, had a very enjoyable day with Franco and Ernesto. Dinner was at Antelia Cendadura for pozole, what a great meal for under $100 pesos. I then finished negotiations with Francisco at Edwardo‘s on a beautiful opal ring. This is the third time I’ve bought something from Alberto’s and I have not been disappointed.

Friday back to Las Gatas, an other enjoyable day but without Franco. Miguel took good care of us instead. My husband and I both had massages, his was with Pablo at Otilla’s and mine was with Jazmin at Mocambo’s. Both were very good. Dinner was at Fajita Queen, excellent shrimp with cheese wrapped in bacon.

Saturday we had to check out of Villa Vera and spend the last night at Villa Mexicana. How nice they let us check in at 10:00 am to spend the day. We walked to Rossy’s to sit on the beach and eat. We also enjoyed the Internet at El Arrayan in the Playa Madera area, unfortunately we were not hungry enough to eat, maybe next year. We liked Villa Mexicana other than the people above us who stayed up late and party and the young children on both sides of us that decided to start crying at 5:00 am. Saturday dinner was at El Hija del Capitan. We had a good time talking with the young man who waited on us. Again the food was wonderful and it is a great place to sit and watch the people on the street below. After dinner we went across the street and listened to two guys play live music. Excellent guitarist, thanks for playing some blues.

Sunday we enjoyed breakfast at Dona Prudencia. Food was great, and we had a chance to absorb view so we could remember it upon our return. Got to the airport in record time, no lines, so we had quite a bit of time to wait for our flight. Returned home with no issues and great memories of Zihua.

Overall comments: definitely tourism is down, the merchants are trying hard, we tried our best as well to spend as much as we could, people seemed friendly. I thought the prices for food in town seemed cheaper. Villa Vera apparently missed that trend; I think they may have raised their prices, which caused us not to eat/drink there. That is too bad for the workers as it certainly reduced the tips available. Cesar still makes the best margaritas around! We always enjoy Banana’s for breakfast. The coffee shop on the fisherman’s walk way is a great place to stop for a cold coffee drink and watch the world go by. One night we witnessed the political rally as it was taking place. A fascinating, well-choreographed spectacle; I wish we understood more Spanish so that we could have followed all that was going on. We were even treated to a face licking by a little dog-called Lola (how adorable) on one of our shopping excursions! We never felt threatened, nor have ever previously felt threatened at Zihua. We walk a lot all over the town, including late nights, back and forth on the hill to Villa Vera, never had an issue (flashlight recommended). All of our taxi trips were good with no issues on the fees. The only issue is that one driver didn’t know Villa Vera so he only got us as far as Puerto Mio and then we walked up the hill. I suspect part of the issue is my butchering of the Spanish language (I am going to work on that!) Bottom line, we love Zihua and will be back again.


Trip report 12/12-12/19

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What an excellent report. Thank you VERY much for taking the time.

You'll have to excuse Lola. She takes after her "dad". :-D