Harry Reviews ....Playa La Ropa

by Harry, Friday, February 11, 2011, 08:32 (2711 days ago)


Another tough day @ the beach yesterday...headed down to the far end of La Ropa for Brekkies...Settled in @ La Pirata. It was incredibly busy. A massive bus tour of retired school teachers had landed and were a very animated bunch indeed to be around.... A bit daunting to watch all of these seniors taking turns parasailing. Not into it myself (I get dizzy standing on a chair) but Ilana sure was game...Hurt my shoulder patting myself on the back for documenting it so well. Will eventually youtube the results but not till I've got some better bandwidth to play with....

Huevos rancheros for breakfast. Standard. Just fine. Try their exceptional salsa made with dried chillies and oil. Arrived promptly, attended to very well by my old friend Alphonso...and after a massage with BETTY, did my ablutions in the warm ocean and then tucked into one of my favourite dishes in all of Z.

Pulpo Ajillo. Octopus with dried shredded peppers and garlic. It's an orgasm on a plate.

More beach time, then we did dinner @ Tamal Y Any's. I had the pozole verde and Ilana a queso fundido & the enchiladas with mole sauce. All great. Picked Any's because of their wide range of regional dishes, 'cause I had a feeling Ilana wouldn't be into making a meal out of a bowl of soup..