Zihua Reviews Harry

by Harry, Saturday, February 12, 2011, 09:10 (2782 days ago)

OK gotta make this quick....

Yesterday we did the Picante sail/snorkeling excursion 10 am - 2 pm. Everything about it was first class!!! Total fun! Very much worth the approximately $100 /person (includes lunch, snorkel gear). Ilana got to handle a puffer fish underwater with the help of one of the crew.

Brought my i-pod loaded with tons of Latino tunes and they let me play DJ for a good chunk of the trip. Great sound system on that Catamaran. My second trip on the Picante. Would be happy to do another every time we come.

Snack @ Fonda Economica Suzy on Nicholas Bravo near the pier. I had the picadillo. We both had the flan dessert. Ilana's becoming an authority on flan. Actually thought their texture plus the runniness of the caramel was superior to the last one she had at Rossy's..which I thought was perfectly good too....

Dinner & Dancing with Victoria Gene and Trish at Tango's, right here up above Heartburn Hill overlooking Madera. The food was SUPERB!!! Our most upscale meal yet. Gene and I had the ribs, Ilana the beef and Trish the seafood lasagna.Try their caesar salad too! Their presentation and service were completely excellent. After the meal we went downstairs to their bar. Interesting decor, though there wasn't much in the way of truly comfortable seating...Stayed for a couple of sets by JUANITO & his Band. They're hot, they're tight and he's sure come along way from one man and a guitar @ Coconuts, when I bought his first album 7 years ago.. Makes you dance. The women swoon for this guy. What a snakey dancer !

Not enough of the ladies threw their panties at him on stage, so I helped out by whipping off my BVD's and sending them over, too... wasn't appreciated. I guess they weren't his size. Maybe also because they were printed with a glow-in-the-dark logo of the Miami Dolphins.

I'll never know. Maybe that's a good thing.


Zihua Reviews Harry

by GringoLoco, Saturday, February 12, 2011, 14:18 (2782 days ago) @ Harry

Glad you had fun...

just for your info, Fonda Suzy is nowhere near the pier. Its on Nicolas Bravo, but opposite Andys place first liquor store (very close to opposite). Excellent food, and great Milanesa.

Tangos is very nice, but Netza who runs the lounge bar is too pushy/ shady. Glenn is a very nice chap!