Volunteer at Animal Shelter

by Steve @, Tuesday, April 05, 2011, 22:10 (3900 days ago)

I've seen numerous posts about volunteering at SPAZ, Zihua's animal shelter and would like to encourage vacationers to do this.

I've been coming to Z for almost 10 years, a couple times each year and occasionally donated to the shelter but never volunteered. After all this procrastination, on my last visit this past March, I finally decided to donate my time to walk the dogs. I am so sorry I didn't do this much earlier because it was a very satisfying experience. My first dog was very rambunctious, and pulled vigorously on his leash but after a few minutes of my gently snapping his leash he calmed down and quickly acted like he was leash trained for years. We walked for an hour and he was very affectionate and a real sweetheart despite not being in good health with every rib showing. I took him on a long walk for an hour to La Noria and back through all of el centro. I enjoyed it so much that I took a second dog out who reacted the same way and we walked for an hour as well. I repeated this again the next morning because the dogs clearly were starving for attention and a kind touch.

This is a wonderful way to help our animal friends, but the real surprise was that I got more out of it than the dogs. We stopped and sat a lot on our way and mid-morning without crowds was a perfect way to get a little leisurely exercise, meet a lot of locals, practice my Spanish, talk to other tourists along the way (and tout the shelter). One afternoon I volunteered to help sell shelter merchandise and extract donations from the cruisers on the sidewalk outside the shelter, another way to help the animals, meet people and give the shelter staff some help. They do great work. I plan to make this a regular part of future trips and would like to extend my participation and even my vacation. There are plenty of cats to help out as well.

So, add a little something different to your usual touring and beach time and visit the shelter. You'll be glad you did. It's located on the corner of Calle Jose Alvarez/Calle Cinco de Mayo, on the roof of the clothing store, Casa Marina, in the block of buildings right between the basketball court and Restaurante Porto d'More.

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

by cd69 @, Winnipeg,MB,Canada, Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 02:57 (3899 days ago) @ Steve

Good job Steve!

I volunteered for about 10 years at my local Humane Society,walking the large breeds and even after adopting one,still spent time when I had a bit of free time to walk some of the dogs.I didn't have as much time for that in Zihua but bought a few t-shirts to give as gifts for back home and sent a few tourists I met that were willing to help out.It sure is a good cause!And they need a lot of help as I was amaze to see the amount of stray dogs all over the place compare to just a year or two ago...

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

by shelleyv, Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 09:37 (3899 days ago) @ Steve

Thank you for posting your experience. My sister and I really enjoyed walking the dogs while we were there in August. I wouldn't hesitate to do it again, and the animals were so sweet that I wished I could take each one home. I found it amazing how they responded to affection and kindness, and within a day they were all pretty snuggly.

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

by Home at last in zihua, Wednesday, April 06, 2011, 11:06 (3899 days ago) @ shelleyv

Thank you all for encouraging folks to stop by and help...nice to hear from some of the Zihua visitors...whether it's to walk a dog or cuddle a kitty...trust me you will get mote out of the experience than the animal you help ...you will feel like part of this wonderful community.

Volunteer at Animal Shelter

by Ely11111, Monday, December 12, 2011, 13:23 (3649 days ago) @ Home at last in zihua

I also am a volunteer at the Animal Shelter SPAZ. I have taken on the responsibility of finding a good home for a most wonderful homeless dog. He has been spayed, rabies shot, flea med, has collar and leash. He really wants someone to love...he doesn't bark when out on the veranda...sweet, dog. I can't keep him here much longer,,,but I can't just throw him back onto the street, huh?

Please ask your Mexican friends if they would like a dog gratis...he is a good guard dog also. You can come by and meet him...I live over Mauricio's on Calle Adelita.

The humane Society said they are no longer accepting adult dogs, too hard to adopt out. They take just puppies and kitties now! How sad, but I understand their predicament.

Help, help, please, please!!??