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Posted by Theresa on March 15, 2000 at 21:11:16:

Seven of us stayed at the Presidente for the week of 2/22/00 thru 2/29/00. It was the first time for one of us, so the other six were anxious to show the rookie around. We had a great time. The rooms and food, especially breakfast, was good. We managed to get a reservation for the Italian Restaurant and the Gourmet Dinner during the week, which is well worth the wait in line in the AM of the same day.

The first day, we just hung around the pool and enjoyed the ambiance. On day two, we rented two golf carts for the day and went down to Playa Linda. We enjoyed watching the man we call "Tarzan of Mexico" feeding the Crocs. Also had a drink at Paulino's there. We visited Melia Azul and were very impressed with the beauty of the hotel. However, when we tried to buy a drink there, we were told that we couldn't because it was an all-inclusive. I guess they let us in because they wanted to sell us some time-share, but we weren't interested. We then went to the Piano bar at the Marina to take pictures of the scenery. We had dinner that night at El Faro, which had a wonderful view, but the food was so-so.

The next day, a couple of us got massages on the beach for $20 US each, which was very relaxing. We then went to Carlos and Charlie's and had the best Nachos in Mexico. The Presidente had their beach party that night, which had a good selection of food, and a good Mexican Band for entertainment.

Friday, there was a taxi strike, so we took the bus to LaRopa, and did quite a bit a walking. We took a rest at the Villas del Sol, and enjoyed a drink at their bar. It is a beautiful place, and we thought we might want to stay there the next time we come. The prices, however, seemed a bit high. It is a perfect place on the calm beach and close to all the action of Zihuat (without a taxi strike). To get back to Ixtapa, some of us got a ride with a nice family man in a pickup truck. Myself and two others opted for the bus, which was a walk of about a mile. We were regretting not getting in the back of the pickup as we trudged to the bus stop.

The good news was that the taxi strike only lasted a day, so we were able to get a taxi to go on a fishing trip. We all caught fish and went to Ixtapa Island to our catch grilled. It was cooked perfectly, and we enjoyed the meal and, of course, a coco loco.

We went on the Countryside Tour, which was very interesting. Our guide, Enrico, was very informative, and the trip to the tileworks was fun. We met the patriarch of the clan and got a picture with him. He is seventy nine years old, and is in better shape than most people half his age. The tour takes you to a fishing village, Barra de Potosi for lunch. It was the best fish I ever ate. The waiter said it was tuna. This is a beautiful spot to visit. There is a little hotel just down from the village, called Hotel Barra de Postosi which we visited. The owner told us we could stay there for $35 per night, breakfast included. Another spot to keep in mind for a later visit.

That night we had dinner on the beach in Zihuat, which was magnificent. We got a deal for a seafood combination dinner for $10 US per person. It was prepared perfectly, and everyone enjoyed it. We had fun with the guitaristas, who sang some of our favorite tunes.

Some regrets - We never got a chance to go to Troncones, because our hotel really didn't offer a tour there, and when we found one at the Continental, it was too late. Their tour is on Thursday, and we didn't inquire til Thursday afternoon.

Also, we're debating about not taking an all inclusive next year, because we seem to eat dinner out quite a bit. However a few of us are hardy drinkers, and get our money's worth from the all inclusive.

Sad to say, the week flew and we were back on the plane in the wink of an eye. We all were very sad to leave, but our memories of this trip will always be with us. I took about 5 hours of videotape so if I do forget, I can always refer to the tape.

If you want to see some pictures that I took, visit my website at

I hope that everyone who visits Mexico has as good a time as we had this year.

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