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Posted by Matt Wilson on March 20, 2000 at 12:11:22:

I asked a lot of Questions on this board before my fishing trip to Zih and promised to write a report when I returned. Well it's been a couple of weeks and I am finally caught up at work so here you go.

The trip was a Christmas present from my father-in-law Furman. Just the two of us fishing in Mexico. What a great guy! And he raised a great daughter. We found Ixtapa-Zihuatanejo Sportfishing from Paul at Fintastic Fish Mounts. Thanks Paul! We had a great time. Maybe next time I will get a mount.

Day one: 3/3/00
Arrive at Hotel Irma at about 3:00 p.m. and Check in. Nice hotel great view of the harbor. It is about a fifteen minute walk to the pier were we met Stan and Susan from the Charter company. at Lilly's. Lilly's is at the Base of the pier next to a small Market. Stan and Susan were great, they let us know how the fishing was going and explained where everything was in town and recommended some places to go for dinner after fishing. Meeting them was a plus. But they have a representative in Zihuatanejo, his name is Jose and he was super. He speaks perfect English and is walking the docks every morning and afternoon checking with captains and crew and making sure you get on the right boat and have a good time.

Day two: 3/4/00
Fishing on the "Marlin Azul" Captain Javier First Mate Freddie and Hand Phillippe. The boat is in excellent shape and was built by Javier. All the tackle was in good condition. Freddie's English is fine. And the crew work is very efficient.
We left the dock at 6:30 and quickly caught some mackerel for live bait. Watching Freddie and Phillipe rig the Dead bait and setting up for the troll was cool. While trolling for Sailfish We spent most of the time looking for sailfish. Practicing our Spanish with Freddie. A good day with five strikes, two hook ups both tagged and released. Sighted a school of Dolphin.

Day three: 3/5/00
Fishing on the "Dos Hermanos" Captain Adolfo Crew Jesus. (This is from Furman's notes)
Ran South 1 hours. Sunrise was surreal silver/mercury/rose/blue/Grey mountains. Big swell from the west , kept us off sharply slanted beach with big surf. Used live bait & poppers. Roosters followed the poppers but no strikes.
Missed two strikes hooked up one , but lost it. Matt caught a Jack Cravelle, Furman caught a needlefish. Then a 35# Roosterfish after a long fight. Then Double hookups on the jacks and more Jacks and even a bird . Big jack on the way
home, heavy N/W wind slowed us down going home.
Adolfo is a great guy good English. Two children 4 and 1 . Love to fish with him again. He gave Matt two poppers.

Day four: 3/6/00 "Marlin Azul" again
No action until 10:00 10:30 then Three Sails all tagged and released. One double hook up. Several other hits, lots of sightings. Glassy calm day with overcast sky. Some of the lost hits were probably Sails hitting the big baits.
Looks like we will have to wait until next year for that Marlin. And it will be on the Marlin Azul. Great boat and crew would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Day five: 3/7/00 "Jeneth" Captain Arturo
North past Ixtapa 6-8 small Roosterfish, Bonita, Red Snapper. Again large surf kept us farther off the beach than I would have liked. But next year... Very pleasant day. We got back to the dock in time to catch our flight back to LA.
Some observations.
1, We were there just to fish. Next time I plan on spending some time sightseeing. The rivers we saw from the beach look awesome and Adalfo told me about the Snook. OK so I like to fish...

2, Meeting and talking with the crew was special. We all have the same concerns: raising our families; the quality of the local schools....

3, Fishing from these boats is what you make of it. If you want to be involved and rig the baits and set the hook, speak up. They will let you do whatever you want. (the bait I rigged sure didn't look as good as Fredie's and Phillipe's But they were my Baits :-))

4, Fishing for RoosterFish is a blast they are so aggressive... I would recommend bringing something you can cast a long ways. And retrieve very fast. (the boat rods on the Panga's are acceptable Penn Spinning reels and Seeker rods but some of the reels had line with a lot of twist in it. ) I am planning on
buying some poppers from Jeff Klassen Sport fishing for my next trip to Mexico. Jeff has a web site and specializes on Surf Fishing for Roosterfish in Cabo San Lucas. If anyone has had experience using these lures in Zihuatanejo please send me a report.

5, when you Receive a present send a thank you note...

Thank you, Furman.

PS If you are wondering the answer is yes My first Son is Named "Maxwell Furman Wilson". And next year he is going fishing in Mexico.

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