a mornings reflection in Ixtapa

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Posted by Johnny on April 06, 2000 at 17:05:36:

As I made it back to the room with my cup of coffee, the sun hadn't quite started to rise yet. It had been a long walk back from the restaurant, thorugh the hotel and up the elevators, precariously balancing my precious cup of coffee cardful not to spill one single drop. I saw my wife was still sleeping so I grabbed my walkman and headed out onto the balcony of 22nd floor room. I sat down with the coffee and put the headphones on. As the I took my first sip of coffee, I felt the ocean's breeze as the tunes started playing. The total euphoria of it all hit me at once. This was paradise! For me there was no high like this one. "This is for me" I thought. For all the times, I knocked myself out at work with no praise or credit. For all the crap I had to put up with everything that goes along with everyday life. This is me giving me, my reward. Yea, the trip was my wifes idea. I wasn't too crazy about the whole thing and the expenses that went along with it but how could I put a price on the feeling that I was experiencing right now. Nirvana. The state of perfect blessedness achieved by the absorption of the soul into the supreme spirit. Pure bliss.
That's websters definition but I think it applys. As the sun I rose, I would glance down to the hotel employees setting up for breakfast. Moving at a casual pace but making progress. Then look back toward the beach and the ocean. There were more people now strolling up and down the beach and the sun was starting to affect my serenity. As my tape finished in my walkman, I knew tomorrow would bring a new morning. I love my wife but I hope she sleeps late again because this time of the morning is for me.

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