Just Returned from Ixtapa

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Posted by Kirk on June 08, 2000 at 16:24:18:

We just returned from Ixtapa and had a great time. I really wanted to let people know about a certain MLT representative that went above and beyond the call of duty. We stayed at the Riviera and were very fortunate for having Adrian as our representative. We learned so much about the culture by sitting and talking for hours with him. However, what really impressed me was his willingness to do anything to ensure our happiness. Tuesday was my fathers birthday and we had made arrangements to go to the fiesta at the dorado pacifico. However, we hadn't thought about a cake until several hours before. Adrian offered to take the bus to Zihua. to pick us up a cake but didnt think there would be enough time. Then, he offered to talk to the chefs at the fiesta to see if they would put a candle on a piece of cake and present it to him. When we arrived at the fiesta, they had reserved a table very near the stage. Midway through the show, the emcee wished my father a happy birthday and the waiters presented him with a full cake that read 'happy birthday ray! Ixtapa 2000' Needless to say, it was a great surprise to all of us. Better yet, Adrian informed me that there was no charge for the cake as it was a gift from the hotel. Aside from all of the other help that he gave us, this particular event made our trip even more memorable. Ixtapa is a beautiful place with much to do, but the people are the real jewels when visiting this city.

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