Viva Zihuatanejo!

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Posted by Zihu@Rob on July 01, 2000 at 06:38:27:

In Reply to: Remembering Zihua (1973) posted by Kilidonia de Acero (Keely Stahl) on July 01, 2000 at 00:29:54:

I'm sorry to inform you that Arnoldo is not around anymore. He went to a different paradise about 10 years ago.

But many people you knew then are indeed still around. I first came here about a year after you when I met the girl who would become my wife 15 years later.

It's hardly the same Zihua, I'm sorry to say. As much as we try to preserve the old Zihua there are just too many competing interests and too many newcomers (look who's talking!) so that now we're a large town (I won't call it a city) of about 70,000. That doesn't mean we give up the good fight of trying to preserve the best of Z, just that there are very many people here who never knew the old Z and who have no interest in preserving a rustic way of life. Most newcomers have no idea who the old families are, or of their contributions to our town.

But it's not too hard to rekindle the spirit of the old days when doing things like swimming at Playa Manzanillo (I still prefer to walk there) or dancing to cumbias at a fiesta or feasting on seafood and cervezas surrounded by mariachis at some palapa restaurant on the beach.

íViva Zihuatanejo!

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