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Posted by Zihu@Rob on August 13, 2000 at 08:35:40:

In Reply to: Bartering and Sharks posted by Bryan on August 13, 2000 at 02:03:09:

First, of course there are sharks. Where there are oceans there are sharks. But I have never heard of a shark attack here. Quite the contrary, the only problem with sharks here are humans who fish for them.

Just use common sense and you should have no encounters with sharks. Sharks feed closer to shore at night, so I don't recommend splashing around in the water after dark. Sharks can smell blood over a mile away, so don't enter the water with any open sores, wounds or other condition which might produce a scent of blood. Sharks pick up the impulses produced by thrashing fish, so don't carry thrashing fish around in the water with you or act like one.

Bartering is expected in some instances but not in others. At the Zihuatanejo Artesans Market, for example, bartering is expected, although I encourage people not to be too cheap with the indigenous people and other Mexicans who bring their wares long distances from far away remote villages high in the sierra. In many cases their wares are worth every centavo they ask for, and then some. So try not to barter down to a dollar something that took someone long hours of tedious work to make and bring here. Please try to be generous.

And bartering isn't practiced in many of the established businesses (the ones that pay rent, taxes and accountants). It can't hurt to try, but it's less acceptable now than in past years.

When you barter someone like a boat captain down to the "rock bottom dollar" you often won't get the same service as if you let the person make the profit he needs to feed a family, maintain a business or boat, and feel good about providing you a service. Wouldn't you work harder for a generous spender than for a cheapskate? And in the case of boat captains, that captain can't afford to practice "catch and release" fishing (which we hope everyone will help to promote) if he needs to sell the fish to make a profit because someone barters him down to rock bottom.

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