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Posted by Laura on September 15, 2000 at 12:07:01:

In Reply to: Locals posted by Donna on September 14, 2000 at 08:02:28:

Hi Donna,

I live in La Barra de Potosi which is 30 minutes south of Zihua and I've been in the Zihua area for ten years. You will find that people in the Zihuatanejo area are very friendly and open to meeting each other. The kind of activities you might be able to get involved in will depend on several things including your language skills and your interests of course. If you speak spanish you have a larger range of possibilities. It's true that many people meet and visit with each other in bars. There are also many (including myself) who spend very little time in bars. Many may be found in one of the beach restaurants which here are places for gathering and spending time -not just for eating. You will find that a smile and a hello can often lead to introductions and invitations to share a table and perhaps a friendship.

In Zihua there is an ecological organization, a poetry writing group, a group to help the library, a group to help school kids have the resources they need to continue studying. Many of these kinds of activities are young and would happily welcome new interested members tp be part of early development. There is also a Rotary Club and a Lions Club which I think have been around a while.

In La Barra we have a children's library which includes classes and special activities. We work to bring the skills and resources of visitors into the community so that all can have fun and benefit beyond the level of the tourist economic exchange. We are also planning a cultural program which will have the support of the State of Guerrero to bring major performers in music and all the arts to give public performances and workshops for the local children and adults.

Classes are a good way to meet people. You can study spanish in a variety of schools or privately and even french at the Alliance Francaise. There is a Technologico (like a community college) which gives a variety of classes in spanish. In know of at least one artist who teaches privately -individually or in groups.

To me one of the best ways to socialize around here (or anywhere in my opinion) is at dinner parties privately or at restaurants. One invitation leads to another and of course having your own is a great way to get to know people in the community. The point is that around here people are very responsive to this fine tradition. It's not uncommon that passing a table of people in a restaurant they may invite you to join in.

In general the mixed and expatriot community is a supportive one when someone is ill or in mourning or in need of help of some kind. There have been many fund raisers for members of the community who have serious health problems and need help paying for medical care for example.

I hope this helps as you make you plans. Please come by to meet us in La Barra. Just ask anyone for Doņa Laura. I think it's great that you care to consider these things and to ask.

Hasta luego,

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