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Posted by kelly on October 03, 2000 at 13:50:20:

Returned Sunday night from a week in Troncones. My husband and I were there last year, this time we brought our best friends with us. How fabulous it was! Thanks Rob, for replying within hours of messages we posted before we went. The news in San Diego was reporting total devestation from Tropical Storm Norman. We were getting very nervous until you reassured us, and you were so right! The weather couldn't have been better. I've only been to the area in the "off" season, and can't quite figure out what's wrong with it. We feel like we are in on some secret, we get the BEST deals in lodging and total privacy..........I mean TOTAL privacy. There was no one there!
We stayed at La Casa Colorida in the Palapa House this time. It was completely lovely. We couldn't have been happier with it, and having a pool was key.
May I suggest to anyone going to the area that you try deep sea fishing out of Zihuatanejo. We went for our first time and we're hooked! We just went out to the pier one afternoon and made a reservation for the next morning at a little booth there. We left a forty dollar deposit with the rest due the next day. They charged us a total of two-hundred American dollars for seven hours on a large boat with a bathroom, two crew members and a case of beer for four of us. Our super friendly crewman, Armando, did all of the work, just handing us the polls when it was time to reel in the fish. We caught three huge Dorado (Mahi Mahi) and two tuna. He filleted one of the Dorado and a tuna for us and we left the rest for him and the captain. We took our catch back to Troncones, to La Costa Brava. The women there cooked up the fish in two different styles (unbelievably delicious), with beans, rice, fresh tortillas and vegetables. We had way more food than we could eat and twelve beers and the tab was two hundred pesos! We left them the rest of the fish, a huge tip and a promise to return. The whole experience was well worth it.
I'm afraid I've become addicted to the message board as well. I'm so Troncones-sick already, it's just a little connection to take me back.
We are considering buying property in Troncones with our friends. About how much does a piece of land on the beach cost (We've heard everything from $10,000-$80,000)? Is there anything available? Do any banks finance something like that or do you have to pay cash? If we bought a lot, what's the average cost of building a modest two bedroom home?
Thanks for your info and the connection to Troncones and Zihuatanejo. We'll be back!

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