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Posted by Ernie Gorrie on October 06, 2000 at 19:28:17:

In Reply to: Re: Weather in Ixtapa posted by Gretchen on October 06, 2000 at 18:56:09:

I'll let Rob explain his setup, but here is one perspective.

People in various countries/cultures make decisions about the relative worth of things. Sometimes these decisions are conscious; sometimes they are unconscious. They live their lives according to those values.

When I started visiting the Zihuatanejo area, I quickly realized I could guess strangers' nationality with about a 90% probability based on their length of vacation. Almost all of the Americans were there for one or two weeks. Almost all of the Canadians were in Mexico for two to three weeks.

Americans told me it was usual for them to have two weeks annual vacation. Here in Canada, it is unusual for someone to have fewer than three weeks annual vacation. After 20 years at my previous employer I had six weeks vacation plus 26 other days off each year. (Add 11 statutory holidays.) My current employer almost always hires people who have many years of employment elsewhere so provides vacation attractive enought to bring those people. I now have five weeks vacation plus 21 other days off. (Plus stats.) And I understand that some European countries look at Canadian vacation an wonder what kind of lives we live to have such little vacation time.

The average annual income of Canadians is significantly lower than the average income of Americans. But I'll easily take those extra days in Mexico as a trade-off.

Of course, this is not a universal truth. One of my friends is joining me for 12 days in Troncones this year. He is practices in criminal law here in the Vancouver area. He tells me that he can not recall the last time he had 12 days off.

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