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Posted by Marty in Colorado on October 11, 2000 at 18:35:13:

In Reply to: Hotel Club Papanoa posted by Becky on October 10, 2000 at 20:48:54:

Papanoa is a very small coastal village that is about 50 miles south of Zihuatanejo. Betty and I visited there during January of 1999. We saw it on a map, wanted to visit another coastal town and decided to grab a bus and have the driver drop us off in Papanoa. After an hour and a half of many stops, including a long stop in Petatlan, we came upon a small town. The driver stopped and told us that this was Papanoa. We got off the bus, looked around and saw no ocean, no beach, just a church, a few structures and a tienda.

We thought we were lost untill we asked someone where the beach was and were told it was on down the highway in the same direction the bus went. We started walking a while until a taxi in a VW bug pulled up. It was a hot day, so the ride was welcomed.

When we reached the ocean, which was a couple of miles and around a bend, it was like a different world. The Papanoa Hotel was sitting up on a hill overlooking a long barren beach. We walked the beach for a while and enjoyed the solitude. The only person we saw, was a fisherman throwing a net.

We walked up to the Hotel looking for some lunch. The hotel was totally empty. There was not a sole around. Everything was clean and well kept as though everyone had just vanished. The pool was clean and well maintained, as well as the grounds.

We ventured into the Hotel and found a restaurant. In the kitchen was a lady cleaning something. She seemed surprised to see a couple of gringos wander in. We asked if they were open and she said yes. Then a very nice man appeared as well as another lady. They set a table for us, gave us menus, fired up the stove and fixed us a very nice lunch. When we wanted to get back to town, the man called the taxi. we bought our bus tickets from girl at the tienda (little store)and waited for the bus to come by.

If you want to get away from it all. This Hotel would be the spot for you. It is on a very beautiful beach. The surf was very big and strong that day.

I guess the Hotel is mostly visited by Mexicans. We were there in the peak gringo time period and there was no one there.

If you want some photos, e-mail me. I don't have any of the hotel structure, just of the view of the ocean and the pool area as well some beach shots. And of course, the fisherman. I also have some from in town, like the church.

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