HWY 200 from Zihua to Barra de Navidad

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Escrito por El Atųn Grande desde (dup-200-64-190-221.prodigy.net.mx) el día martes, 26 de julio, 2005 a las 12:53:06 horas :

Drove up from Zihua along Hwy200 and it is in the same shape as it was during the trip last month. A few stray rocks here and there, lousy pavement, and the section between Pichilinguillo and El Faro where even the switchbacks have switchbacks. Traffic was a bit heavier than usual as vacationers are out, but not bad once you leave the Lazaro area.

A note, the workers are still in charge of the bridge over the Balsas river. Itīs been about a year and a half now. Donīt know when they will end that collection effort. Same toll price, just paying it to a different entity.

Stopped at the La Perla restaurant in Pichilinguillo (about km 95) and had a great lunch as always. Filete de Ajo (flamenco, a species of snapper), with rice, beans and tortillas hecho a mano. Big portions for 60pesos. Dynamite view of the cove below. Not to mention the roosters and chickens below the restaurant seranading me as I ate. Nice break as it is just a little less than halfway and right before the worst part of the journey.

Very few military checkpoints (only two active yesterday). It took a little over six hours of driving to complete the 475km between the two cities. Will give a report on the reverse trip on Friday if there are any changes to the route.

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