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Escrito por KR desde ( el día martes, 02 de agosto, 2005 a las 14:24:00 horas :

IMHO, no need for an attorney...... or anyone else, for that matter.

Your initial 'residential' visa is an FM3, which is VERY easily attained at ANY Mexican Consulate (in usually a 24-48-72 hour turnaround). At time of application submittal for your FM3 at the consulate (app. $80 US in Y2K), you also submit a "Menaje De Casa", which is the "one-time" importation authorization (Federal) into Mexico of any and all household items/possesions 'duty-free' (with no limit as to 'quantity'.... in Y2K). Said 'Menaje de Casa' requires a fully itemized (typed) listing of all said belongings, including the actual make/model/serial number of all electronic and appliance products (computers, stereos, frig, washer, dryer, micros, etc). EVERYTHING being imported must be itemized.........

The only 'required' duty is on NEW items per the above, and never on 'used' belongings. Which of course ANY 'smart' mover can easily circumvent.......on 'new' items. My origenal mover used an 8'x 10'x 30' van CRAM-PACKED TO THE HILT in a move that was not only problem-free, but had ZERO damage.........and that even included a off-loading / 8 month storage in Tijuana, and then re-loading/transfer south!!

Its kind of a pain (ie> timely) proceedure to assemble the 'Menaje', but EZ in terms of receiving fully authorized/certified 'permission' to import. You'll receive said authorization in triplicate = One for your records, one the The Movers, and one for Mexican Border Officials.

I don't reall that said 'Menaje' authorization cost me anything at all, as (like the no vehicle-MX-registration requirement) tends to a (gracious) Mexican courtesy which 'accompanies' an FM3 status.....

And 'shop around' for Movers!! Quotes from US companies were "delirious", as my final selection was of a very respectable Tijuana-based outfit that packed-n-moved everything fron San Diego, CA for $3,500 US complete(!)........ vs. 8-12K quotes from numerous US Companies (United Van, etc).

The shipper was "Baja 2000" (a long-standing and VERY RESPECTABLE 'family operation') in downtown TJ. I'd get you their #, but it's in a box waaaaay back in la bodega, sizzda......!!

But, "these Dudes" ARE some really professional 'movers'... and some great blokes ta boot (ie> Really capable / REALLY HONEST!!!!)..... and are guys that REALLY KNOW what 'The F' their doin.........PERIOD!!! [especially (and quite surprisingly) the "little brother", Fernando.....who's a REAL KICK..... and a goood Mate!!].

But, my 'storage rate' (back in Y2K) for a roughtly 3K cubic foot 'area' of storage, was $35 U.S. PER MONTH (!) = ie> $280 U.S. FOR 8 MONTHS of storage!!! [vs. an 'average' $160-200 U.S. per month with (theiving) U.S. Moving/Storage companies......!

But, "what did I bring?"...... Well, try, EVERYTHING....luv..... including ONE of 'the kitchen sinks!! (;-D)

The only 'extra cost' (above the origenal $3,500 - delivered) that I "had" to pay (gladly), was to the locally-found "off-loaders" on this end, who indeed 'sweated their bloody arses off' in carrying ALL that 'stuff' both up-the-hill to the house (on my too-narrow-for-a-truck, cobblestone "alley"), and, then up two flights of stairs to the Main Level......Yeah, maybe $20 U.S. 'a head' X 5...... PLUS the welcome 'caguas' of Coooold Coronas at 'The End' of a rather strenuous (albeit triumphant!!) day of moving!!

"WHY" was my gear in TJ (FOR 8 MONTHS)?..... ??


#1) I wasn't sure which 'property' I wanted to send the bulk of my 'gear' to.... at first... Hence, 'stick-it in storage'!

#2) When I 'bailed' from El Norte (for good), then I just needed 'To Bail', period, sizzda...... with the total Freedom of just 'driftin around'.... in the Beemer without the "responsibility" of 'Extra Baggage' and/or 'concerns'!

#3) With the 'security' of my belongings QUITE 'secure' with the (VERY Trustworthy) folks @ "Baja 2000", I just 'drifted' until The Right Decison became 'evident'..... AND, at $35 A MONTH (for storage of EVERYTHING), the 'need' for immediacy was hardly a concern...........!!!

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