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Escrito por Mary desde (crlsbd-cuda5-68-69-229-157.crlsca.adelphia.net) el día miércoles, 03 de agosto, 2005 a las 12:03:54 horas :

We just returned from 8 great days in Mexico. Here are the highlights and some tips:

* We stayed in a condo in the Costa Real in Ixtapa. It wasn't our first choice, but that's what worked for us time/price-wise, and it was fine. Nice condo with a small kitchen. We never went near the pool, but the beach was great. A little crowded in the afternoon, but by that time we were upstairs for lunch and a siesta. If we were feeling crowded earlier in the day, we just walked down the beach a few hundred meters in the direction of the marina to a stip of beach without any hotels. The hotel has entertaining shows on the weekends--Ballet Folklorico, etc. Our 7 yr old really enjoyed them.

* AVOID Playa Las Gatas. WAY too crowded! The calm water was nice, but we found the same thing at Playa Quieta. Easy parking there, uncrowded and clean beach, and plenty of shade under the palmeras. Still, the crashing waves at Ixtapa were the most fun for playing the in the water.

* Zihua is a funky, cool town--we had two fun afternoons cruising around. La Comercial Mexicana is a good all-purpose store for groceries, toys, books, ect. Probably not a Mexican own company--forgive me...

* We drove out to Ixtapa from Mexico City. Thanks to all who helped with directions and maps. BUT, the drive takes 9 hours via Morelia, not 6. We didn;t hit much traffic, and only stopped for quick gas/restroom breaks, and it took us ALL day. The countryside is beautiful, but 9 hours is a LOOOOONG time...

* Mexico City's bark is much worse than it's bite. We spent 3 nights (at Seviila Palace Hotel in la Zona Rosa--beautiful and not expensive). We walked all around the city with our son, as well as drove in and out on the way to/back from Ixtapa. The traffic seemed no worse than any other large city, and the ambiente was no more threatening. JUst be careful, leave the valuables at the hotel, and your trip should be great.

* The one thing that really bugged me on this trip was the tipping. I understand most of the people in the tourist industry need tips, but it just seemed ridiculous. Everyone from cab drivers to little kids pulling off the lancha at Las Gatas kept repeating "PROPINA ! PROPINA!" Even people who weren't doing anything wanted a tip.

* One last thing---my husband and I had passports, but since my son's had expired I had his original birth certificate. No problems with that, as long as you have the ORIGINAL. But, checking in at the airport in Los Angeles, I noticed a party of adults that was trying to get on the flight with just their driver licenses. They were not allowed on the plane. Things may have changed recently, so you MUST provide proof of citizenship (which a license does not prove--that;s only residency) to get on a plane.

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