Driving in Mexico

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Escrito por Mary desde (crlsbd-cuda5-68-69-229-157.crlsca.adelphia.net) el día miércoles, 03 de agosto, 2005 a las 12:24:03 horas :

We rented a car in Mexico City and drove out to Ixtapa. Everything was fine. A few suuggestions:

* I made 2 reservations with separate car rental places. Good thing, because when we got to Alamo (the cheapest) they did not have our info. Budget was a little more money, but they had a car ready for us.

* We paid the extra $16/day for the insurance they offer. Our car insurance (AAA) does not cover us out of the country, and the credit card we used will only cover problems with the car, not people. The toll roads provide insurance, too, but we knew we would not be only on the toll roads. The bottom line is that for an extra $120, we had peace of mind, which was very worth it.

* The toll roads are great, but not cheap. We did see several donkeys, snakes, goats, and lizards, not to mention several people walking on the roads, so watch out!

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