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Escrito por Scott desde ( el día jueves, 04 de agosto, 2005 a las 16:49:02 horas :

En respuesta a: Re: Driving in Mexico escrito por KR desde ( el día jueves, 04 de agosto, 2005 a las 15:46:07 horas :

signage in Morelia leaves a bit to be desired..... especially on that (unmarked) MANDATORY turn-off to the carratera towards Patzcuaro!

If you come in from Mexico and go left at the periferico, past the shopping malls, after Costco there is a turnoff that goes down to Walmart. The road to Patzcuaro goes past Walmart and under the highway you on. At this point where you are actually passing over or past the road to Patzcuaro, there are signs still pointing straight ahead to get to Patzuaro. They have this wierd logic in Mexico where they'll be pointing to a city as straight ahead, when its actually behind you. You're supposed to go over the road to Patzcuaro, then do a U-turn where the divider/barrier stops. There is another small sign here. There are signs, but they are probably a bit illogical to the average American/Canadian who isn't as used to the retorno concept and the resultant signs pointing in the opposite direction of where a place actually is.

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