Very first, but not last, trip report

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Escrito por blacksock desde ( el día lunes, 28 de marzo, 2005 a las 16:55:55 horas :

This was our first trip to Zihuatanejo and oh'boy, was I blown away by it's glory. As we swooped over the ocean to land at the airport, I was instantly over the long flight from Chicago. It could have been a 24 hour flight and still have been worth every second. I'm 27 years old, but I couldnt help myself from chanting "Yeah!! Were in Mexico" with the 10 year old sitting behind me. Ramiro from Casa Iguana(you are the best) was there to pick us up, and we were on our way. What seemed to be 30 seconds later, we arrived at Casa Iguana. Although it wasn't beachfront(2 second walk) the place was fantastic. We had the only suite on a second level, the largest of the 6 total and it was beautiful. Huge terrace w/ kitchen,tables, fridge..anything we could possibly need. The loaf of bread in the fridge was a blessing a few mornings. The only thing I would say against the place was the fact that our neighbors in the hotel next door had a DIRECT bird's eye view of our shower. There werent any window covers. Hope they enjoyed the show. Our first stop was Elvira's. Great Margaritas. Unfortunatly, our eyes were bigger than the glasses the drinks came in, so we were in by sundown. On our first full day, we headed into town. We had the best galletas and the freshest OJ I have EVER had for breakfast at Glob's Cafe. From there, we walked down to "Fun4Rent" and picked us up some scooters. They were awesome. We buzzed up and down all of the streets we could checking the place out from one end to the other trying to absorb the entire area and not just the beach. And for everyone who says the taxi drivers can be deadly, drive in between them on a tiny scooter. Very adventurous. We ended up at Rick Bar; my boyfriend said he had the best burger in his life there. A note to Rick: Next time we will use SPF 50. That 17* lat will kill ya. He saw how sunburn I was and gave me some s**t for it. Due to my sunburn, we headed back to La Ropa and and chilled on our terrace watching the sunset. The next day, we tried Paty's for breakfast. They have fabulous french toast. After that, we headed back to town to return our scooters and proceeded to do the "tourist things." We hit the tourist market where one vendor shouted the funniest thing I have ever heard: "We're cheaper than K'mart. Buy now, pay later!"Still not to sure what that last part meant, but oh well, I got it on my camcorder, so I can play it again to relive the moment.We headed back to our hotel and suited up for the walk to Las Gatas. WARNING!! If you don't already know, the boat ride is not one-way. If you walk to Las Gatas, you WILL be walking back(don't wear flip/flops). We had a drink as we watched the Norwegen Star cruise ship creep back into the ocean. After our hike back through the rock jungle, we were beat. Took a nap and back to Paty's for dinner. I was baby stepping the food, so I only ordered chicken tacos. My boyfriend got the enchilladas, in which he had no idea about the picante that was about to hit him.I'd pay money to have the 90 year old senora who cooked the enchilladas on tape laughing at us as she saw him franticly grabing for his Corona. I ate the rest of his dinner to make him look even more worse off. They were great. Another sunset and back to the hotel. Our last full day, I convinced him to go to La Perla at 9am to snag a beach chair/umbrella. Best decision I ever made. My next decision was my worst..3 Margaritas for breakfast with a side of rice and heat stoke. Mind you, none of the effects of that hit me till about 4 in the afternoon when I was about to pass out on the beach. I think back and wonder if the parasailing I did that day helped that out a bit. Another sunset and yes, back to the hotel. Then it happened. The last day. Got up around 545, walked to the beach for sunrise and Paty's french toast and one final walk on the beach. Back to the Windy City. Although my report may sound a bit dull on the activity side, we had a wonderful, wonderful time there. Relaxing and absorbing some life outside of our usual "bubble" was all we wanted. And we got in in spades. When we first started planning our vacation months ago, we thought 'Well, we'll try this Z place and go to Cancun or PV next time. Our first 10 minutes in Zihuatanejo and we decided "Cancun who? PV what?" We are NOT going to tell our friends about it as to keep it all to ourselves...and all of you of course. :) One last thing. We had this glorious time without stepping one foot in Ixtapa. Thanks to everyone on the board for being so informative and helpful or we may have been vacationing in Cabo instead. That would have sucked!! :) *pictures coming once I solve my Stuffit program problem* Also, planning to come back during Christmas. Same crowds as Semana Santa? Adios.

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