Easter week trip report

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Escrito por Craig aka the cruiseship guy desde (adsl-68-127-89-169.dsl.frsn02.pacbell.net) el día lunes, 28 de marzo, 2005 a las 23:27:28 horas :

Went for our first trip to Zihua for Easter week (myself, wife and 7 year old son), we have been there twice on a cruiseship for a day. Went from Fresno to Pheonix then to Zihua about 7 hours in total. 2 planes were ahead of us and we were the last in line from our plane, took about 45 minutes to clear customs. We went outside the airport building to see about getting a taxi outside the airport grounds. Looked a little too confusing for a first timer so I paid the monopoly their money, $24 dollars to El Centro. Next time I will know what to do, the money is no big deal just the principle of it I would rather give it out in tips.

We stayed at Wolfgang's by Plaza Kyoto which I booked last August and met Wolfgang during our last cruise which he picked us up and showed us his place. So I already knew that I made a good choice but not how good until we stayed there. I'll give you the bad points first: No ocean view and you will hear some roosters from time to time. Now on to the good: Great locat1on, 5 minutes to Playa Madera, 2 minutes to the banks, 10 minutes to Commercial Mexicana. Cleanest place I have ever stayed at, Wolfgang has 2 maids for the seven 2 bedroom apartments that he rents. They are cleaned everyday except Sunday. Comfortable beds, I have stayed in at least 20 different places in Mexico and these are not the standard hard mattress on a slab. Most of all is that Wolfgang lives there and will do anything to help you. I had the GI's for 1 1/2 days tried Lomotil with no luck, went to Wolfgang he gave me the last of his Imodium and a bunch of herb tea and I was good to go the rest of the trip.

I brought over a bag of school supplies to Lupitas. I don't want to bring up who should get the supplies but I have no doubt that Lupita will get them to where they are needed. Maybe someone should recognize the work that Rob's wife Lupita is doing for the children rather than complaining.

Went fishing on a panga with Capt. Guillermo Arciniega. Water had cooled so fishing was slow caught about 10 Bonitas, 2 Green Jacks and 1 Rainbow Runner. Booked the boat after I got to Zihua with Miguel Valle, he was very honest and told me that big game was no good. Of course I knew this because I use this board but it's nice to know that you are dealing with an honest man. Went to Troncones via the bus thanks to a post from Mike in a Cup. Taking the bus was no problem at all cost $90 pesos round trip for all 3 of us. We got the bus at a metal stand on Marina Nacional about 2 blocks above Plaza Kyoto. When the bus approaches yell Troncones to the attendant, he will let you know if it is the correct bus. The bus driver will let you know when to get off, it's just after the village of Buena Vista. From there a van will take you the rest of the way into Troncones. We went to the Tropic of Cancer Beach Resort, only about a 300 yard walk from where the van drops you where the road turns to parallel the beach. My son loved it, had a small pool for him, very good food and drinks. The ocean was nice that day but not for a 7 year old so we just hung by the pool. Did the Las Gatas thing but got too crowded for me and we left after 2 hours. We had planned to go the the water park in Ixtapa but after seeing the crowd at Las Gatas we stayed away from Ixtapa, Madera and La Ropa were not too crowded. My wife had a massage on La Ropa next to Patty's for $200 pesos and she loved it. Wolfgang had a lady come by and gave my wife a massage in the room for $300 pesos and was good but not as good as La Ropa.

Food and drink:
Breakfast at Nueva Zelanda was outstanding, MJ Riches was very good the #7 was my favorite, Tamales y Atoles Any was very good on 2 items and just average on the other 2, La Sirena Gorda had some darn good tacos and great service, for fast food Pollo Felix was excellent my son loved the nuggets and we loved the chicken and carnie asada tacos, La Mordida was good but the pizza was weak, went to dinner at La Casa Vieja with Wolfgang and had some excellent shimp and tuna. Took my fish to Tatas on the main beach and asked the waiter if they would cook my fish he said yes. He brought the soup and shrimp that we ordered and not the my fish. When I asked donde me pescado? he brought out the menu and pointed to how they cook fish, I said vera cruz. I started to talk to the head waiter about my problem and he went to check on it. Then my waiter comes out with some red snapper, I brought rainbow runner. The snapper was great but I wanted my fish, then the head waiter comes out and says that they are looking for my fish but cannot find it. About 10 minutes later 2 more plates of fish come out my rainbow runner which was good but we were getting full. I spoke with the head waiter about not ordering the snapper and should not be charged for it. When the bill came I was only charged for the drinks, soup and shrimp. The head waiter explained to me that it was the waiters second day and he knew no English. Overall I thought that the food was very good at Tatas and every business makes mistakes, the good ones take care of them. It wasn't the restaurants fault that my Spainish stinks but when you give a waiter a bag of fish, you would think that I may want to eat it.

Overall we had a very good trip and will be back. I still like the San Jose del Cabo area but Zihua has more personality.

Thanks to Rob and everyone on this board for your comments, it took me at least 10 trips to the Cabo area to know what I now know about Zihua in 1 trip. Hope you enjoy the DP's Rob.

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