Barcelo Trip Report 8/12 - 8/19

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Escrito por Trent desde ( el día sábado, 20 de agosto, 2005 a las 04:07:08 horas :

Just got back from the Barcelo and had a great and relaxing time. I don't have time to write an elaborate trip report but wanted to let you know what all we did and add a few comments in case you have questions for your upcoming trips. Also wanted to return the favor for everyone's help in my trip research!

Morning: Travel
Afternoon: Pool, Lots of Tequila
Evening: Late dinner due to too much tequila. Ate a small taco shop called Tacos 24.

Morning- Barcelo Breakfast buffet
Afternoon- Pool, lunch @ Caracol (pool) restaurant
Evening- Dinner Downtown. Didn't catch the name of the place but it was a small place just left of the main plaza. Drinks at the Barcelo bar afterwards.

Morning- Barcelo Breakfast buffet
Afternoon- Pool, Lunch @ Barcelo buffet
Evening- Dinner @ Mama Norma & Deborah's in Ixtapa. Senor Frogs, Carlos & Charlie's

Morning- Sleep
Afternoon- Pool, Lunch @ Caracol Restuarant
Evening- Dinner @ Don Quixote (Barcelo)

Morning- Breakfast @ Cafe Onyx (Ixtapa), Internet Cafe
Afternoon- Pool, Lunch @ Buffet (Barcelo)
Evening- Dinner @ La Cala (Porto Mio/Zihu)EXCELLENT.

Morning- Breakfast @ Chili Bean's (Ixtapa)
Afternoon- Pool
Dinner- Pizza Loco (Zihu)

Morning- Sleep
Afternoon- Lunch @ Ruben's Hamburgers (Ixtapa), Isle of Ixtapa
Evenings- Dinner @ Frank's Bar & Grill (Ixtapa)

Morning- Checkout
Afternoon- Lunch @ Caracol (Barcelo)
Evening- Travel

We had a great time. The most remarkable aspect of the trip was that EVERYONE was SO nice! That includes staff, residents, fellow guests, etc. We honestly did not have one negative experience. So unless otherwise noted, all my experiences were at least average and none negative. I wouldn't tell anyone not to go to any of the places we went.

I have some pictures primarily of the resort here however they are mostly of the resort:


Thanks again!

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