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Escrito por frostbite desde ( el día sábado, 20 de agosto, 2005 a las 20:26:22 horas :

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We like to spend a few hours fishing enroute to Isla Ixtapa (USD100.00 in March, possibly more now since the cost of fuel has gone up). We go with Guillermo Arciniega on his panga "Don William", departing the Zihua pier at 07:00. Cell: 044-755-101-0308. We snorkel at Playa Coral while one of the restaurants prepares some of the fish we have caught for lunch for us and the skipper. After lunch we take leftover tortillas, tear them into small pieces and feed them to the fish. If it's too rough at Playa Coral, you can walk 50 feet or so to the other side of the island, where it'll be quite calm. We bring our own equipment, but you can rent there if you need to. Last March a woman near our table had her wallet ripped off out of her purse, so it might be advisable not to have things out in the open, take turns going into the water or getting friendly with the neighbors and suggest to watch each others' stuff.

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